Heng99 – Shopping at Its Best

The fabled Heng99 may not be the first name on your list but it certainly has its fair share of accolades. With a large showroom located in Singapore’s central business district, this is a retailer with a lot to offer. It is a company with an enlightened customer service team to boot. For a reoccurring price tag of less than a tenner per order, you are guaranteed a posh shopping experience.

While Heng99 may not be the first name to come to mind when it comes to shopping, it certainly has no competition when it comes to the coveted top-shelf items. The company specializes in high quality, localized Asian goods. Despite a modest start, Heng99 has managed to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with. As of this writing, the company has an annual sales figure of around 102,000 and an impressive customer base. Having said that, it isn’t the largest retailer in the country but it isn’t a bad place to shop either.

heng99 com of the most intriguing features of Heng99 is its ecommerce component. Not only does the company sell a slew of high-end products, it also has the aforementioned merchandising department, a dangling touchscreen e-commerce portal and a snazzy website. Despite HENG99 , the company boasts the highest customer satisfaction rate in its segment and has an enlightened e-commerce team to boot.